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Re: Commercial Bldg. - Second Floor Loads

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Now I realize why some thought I was a little thick.  I didn't realize 
different codes address partition loads as live load as opposed to the UBC 
using it as dead load.
BTW, some people were wondering about the 14 psf dead load on the floor.  The 
architect is not specifying a ceiling material.  The studio is supposed to 
have that "industrial look" with exposed ductwork, wires, fire sprinklers.  
All the cameras and production work is on the ground floor.  Upstairs has 
conference, accounting, sales, editing, stuff like that.
Thanks for clarifying the loads for me.  I really appreciate your help.  Your 
response made the most sense.

Denise Poeltler, PE
The Flying Buttress
Palm Desert, CA

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