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RE: Concrete Tank Design Help

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Is the wall to slab connection at an interior wall or exterior wall? If at
an exterior wall, is there exterior soil load which will put the exterior
face in tension at the base of wall? 
At interior walls, the wall dowels may use standard hooks into the base
slab, assuming continuous reinforcement in the base slab. 
At an exterior corner between a wall and base slab, and assuming moment
transfer with tension at both faces, the outside vertical wall reinforcement
should be lap spliced to the bottom slab reinforcement and the inside
vertical wall reinforcement may be doweled with a standard hook. A standard
hook at the outside of the corner does not provide adequate continuity if in
tension. (At any plane cut thru the joint, you should have continuity of the
outside tension reinforcement. If you just provide a standard hook on such a
bar, you may get cracking in the joint due to partial restraint without
adequate tension development.) 
Also, the slab reinforcement must be able to resist the moment transferred
from the wall. 

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Subject: Concrete Tank Design Help

My question deals with the transfer of moment from the base of a tank wall
into the tank slab. I know that this connection can be assumed closer to
pinned of fixed depending on the reinforcement detailing. 

But, if this connection is assumed close to fixed, what kind of
reinforcement is necessary to complete this transfer of moment into the
slab? I typically see 90d standard hooks used as dowels at the same spacing
as the vertical wall rebar... Is this tension development length provided by
the hook adequate for transfer? Or does the standard hook EF result in more
of a pinned connection since the length of rebar parallel with the bottom
slab rebar is very small?

Thank you in advanced for your help or any direction you can provide?   Mark
Seifried, EIT

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