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Commercial Bldg. - Second Floor Loads

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Hey Dennis--
Your memory is better than you think.  Chester and Marshal Dillon will be 3 
in November.  They have finally stopped growing, I hope. Chester is 55# and 
Dillon weighs 60#.  Pretty big for Springers.  They've outgrown most of the 
puppy goofiness and Dillon doesn't get carsick on the way to work anymore.  
You'd think he'd be able to hold it down for the 3-mile trip from home to the 

Greg Rammell came by my office this week and he didn't know what the outcome 
of the case was either.  Wouldn't it have been settled by now?  I don't like 
doing that expert witness stuff and I reluctantly agreed to write a report 
and testify.  Mostly, I don't like being around attorneys.

How were you able to take off 2 whole weeks for vacation?  I've never been 
away from the office more than a week at a time in 18+ years.   Arizona and 
New Mexico are colorful areas of the country.  Wideopen and peaceful.

Great to hear from you.  Stay busy.

Denise Poeltler, PE
The Flying Buttress

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