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Re: Oxygen tanks on exterior SOG

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Last oxygen tank that I installed was much smaller only 15000 gal so remember this when using this information.  For this installation BOC wanted a pad with 36" footer around the outside and a minimum pad thickness of 15", rebar covered by 7" , #6 on 12" centers, both ways.  In addition they wanted a 12'x12'x8" thick spill pad.  Talk to your local gas supplier, they generally have better contact and can get answers easier.
NFPA 50 "Bulk Oxygen Systems at Customer Sites" is the standard, though it does not have pad information.
The reason that they can not give you anchor bolt information is that they do not manufacture the tanks themselves, they purchase it from one of several suppliers.

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Subject: Oxygen tanks on exterior SOG

I'm working on an exterior slab on grade that will 2 large oxygen tanks (8'-6" in dia. 40' tall) manufactured/supplied by BOC Gases.  For the past two days I've been playing phone tag with BOC trying to get info on any requirements they need, weights of the tank, but no one will give me any contacts in thier engineering departement.  I actually haven't talked to a real person yet, voicemail/email contacts telling me to call different people who don't answer thier phone.
So, i was wondering if any of you have done work w/ BOC and can supply me with contact information for thier engineering department, or can tell me what thickness of slab they require (i was told that they don't require anchor rods in the slab because they drill the bolts in themselves but nobody could tell me how long the bolts are that they would use.)
Alden Manipula