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Re: TJI Trusjoist Beam Program review

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Have you tried Risa to run your load combination.  That is what I see in
reviewing calculations and it is very effective when you have to look at
multiple load combinations at once.
Just a thought.
Samir Ghosn, PE
harris & Associates
At 12:02 PM 9/26/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>    I tried to use the truss joist beam program (6.02) It is not worth
>using. Please further comment if there is more to be said or  corrected. To
>check one complex loaded beam (a reason to use a program) with seismic 
>options. We need to run the same program eight times. To check for the Wind
>we  need to run the program an additional four times. To print out the
>results, 2  pages per run results in 24 pages of printed calculations.  I
>have found Pframe to be able to run all load cases at one time. The load 
>cases and varying section properties can be stored for the next analysis. I
>have heard Enercalc also reduces the paper work. As I recall, there is no 
>option for vertical reactions for earthquake. I have TEDDS, but it takes on
>a life of its own to learn. For the alternative basic load criteria in the
>1997 UBC and having seismic  vertical reactions. Assuming all seismic input
>is reduced by 1.4 TJI checks the following three equations...         
>D+L+Lr     D+L+E (increases stress allowable 1.33)     And the following
>are not checked...     Snow option not reviewed, someone, please comment   
> Snow option not reviewed, someone, please comment     Snow option not
>reviewed, someone, please comment                0.9D+E        
>1.2D+0.5L+Em (to achieve the ultimate stress check reduce loads by     
>1.33/1.7)     0.9D+Em (to achieve the ultimate stress check reduce loads by
>     1.33/1.7) Additionally, the seismic loads are not checked for the
>reversed direction.  The Em equations are needed or else we are not in a
>zone 3 or 4 and there are  not vertical seismic reactions on a beam.
>Equation 12-23 can be run for wind  but, like seismic, not for the reverse
>direction and not for uplift resistance.     David Merrick, SE 

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