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Anhor bolts for frame

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When using load combination 4-1 and 4-2 under the seismic provisions for
frames, do you design the anchor bolt using section 1923 with allowable
increase of 1.7 or do you use the strength method for determining shear and
tension on bolts?  let's say I am considering shear allowables per 7/8 inch
bolt.  when using table 19-d, I can use an allowable sherar value of 4050
Lb per bolt.  When using the design strength section 1923.3.2, capacity by
Phi Vc= Phi x 800 xAb xLamda x (f'c)^.5, I got an allowable of 19.7 kips.
Obviously, the desinger can take advantage of strength design capacities,
however, Is the designer bound to stick with ASD values for bolt allowables
in concrete as in 1.7x4050=6.88kips?????  
just curious, does the bolt or concrete really know the difference when
using ASD or LRFD???   Why is there such a difference?
Samir Ghosn, PE
Harris & Associates
PS:  Lets assume that edge distances for the bolts are 10 diameters or

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