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RE: [Residential] TGI Beams

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I have run a search on the Internet using a program that searches more
than 18 top search engines. 
The first site is a salvage yard that has removed 14-inch TGI's from a
home and shows them on the racks for sale. I am sure these are TJI's NOT
TGI. You can find the direct link to the picture here:

The second: is
an article states "The building industry has actually taken truss
construction to new heights of danger with the advent of TGI beams and
increasing use of micro-lams. " Micro=lams are a trademark of Trus-Joist
McMillian which leads me to believe that the article incorrectly lables
a TJI as a TGI.

The third link had to be retrieved from a Strawbale Discussion forum
where a Mark Kifer was discussing his desire to use heavy timber
construction. He refers to TGI beams but I still believe he means TJI.
You can find the link at: 

The next is a link to a PDF file published by the College of Engineering
at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. The reference is buried
somewhere in the 24 page Spring 2000 Newsletter. I believe that they
have misinterpreted the Joist and meant the Trus-Joist product TJI.: references TGI Beams laid between
steel beams (although I can't find the steel in the pictures) for the
construction of a community church. This is the Cito United Methodist
Church in McConnellsburg PA. I don't know if TJI is sold in this area,
but assume they are as the joists show look like TJI and would believe
them to be mislabled as TGI. The are OSB Web I-joists and would believe
that the reference is in error.
es is a Wickes Lumber site that answers questions related to the
materials they sell. They clearly are a Trus-Joist distributer of
products. One message from a customer refers to TGI Joists which is not
corrected by Wickes but which references TJM website.

Karen - all of the links (and there were 13 including the duplications)
were Tru-Joist Products. There appears to be no such thing as a TGI
joist while one source mentioned in my last post on the issue refers to
a Boise Cascade product which is not listed on their website but may be
listed as an old product. I can't find reference to this and you may
have to go directly to BC to ask for their help.

In conclusion, I believe that all references to TGI (remember the G and
J use the index finger on the keyboard but one uses the left hand (TGI)
while the other uses the right hand (TJI)) are in fact Trus-Joist (now
Weyerhouser) products.

Dennis S. Wish, PE

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TrusJoist calls them TJI's
Williamette Industries calls them WSI's
Boise Cascade calls them BCI's
Standard Structures calls them SSI's
Is there another company out there with the initials TG making wood
Karen Casano

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Can anyone tell me specifically what a "TGI Beam" is?
I've heard this term used a couple of times and figured from the context
that they might be talking about engineered-wood I-Joists such as
TrusJoist manufactures--and I thought maybe it was a corruption of
"TJI". However, I see it too frequently for that to be the case.
A web search found several instances where "TGI Beam" was referenced,
usually on homebuilders' pages, but no clue as to what, specifically, a
"TGI Beam" is.
Some assistance, please.

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