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Re: Blast Resistant Design

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>I am designing a steel structure mounted on a ship.
Don't take offense, but if you're thinking design of shipboard structures 
is like building design, you're in for a couple of surprises. Ship hulls 
and decks are plate structures and fairly soft, and vibration is always a 
big concern. Things also get tossed around a bit so lateral accelerations 
are also a consideration. 

Blast loading comprises a momentary overpressure, maybe 2-3 psi which 
resembles gust loading. Presumably you're doing this for a naval ship, so 
you might want to check Navy requirements for the loading, since some of 
the requirements involve high laterial accelerations. If you are doing 
this for a military project, you might want to be aware that telegraphing 
it worldwide on the Internet may make your supervision or client somewhat 

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