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RE: Blast Resistant Design

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Blast design is an endeavor all into itself.  The learning curve is long and
steep.  Blast load resistance is a function of the initiating blast event.
Vapor cloud blast loading is often considered in petro-chemical types of
blasts.  TNT equivalent blast loading is what is commonly used in
anti-terrorist and military applications.  I have a couple of "handbooks"
that are each 6 inches thick just on the TNT type of blast loading.
Bandwidth does not allow digesting 12 inches of material to a posting on
this list.

Steel structures in particular have not been studied as deeply as they
should be in regard to blast loading.  AISC has a blast committee that is
just getting started.  Blast loads don't lend themselves to easy
quantification.  Flexural response is different than the shear responses.
There are some very sophisticated programs that can predict over pressure,
but the response is a different story.  There are many computer programs
that are used to predict overpressure and structural response.  Some are
pretty good, some are pretty bad.  Often, the  time-history blast over
pressures are extracted from a hydrocode type of program, and put into a
nonlinear analysis program.  Often, prototypes are constructed, tested first
with static loads, and then with dynamic testing. 

I would suggest that you hire a blast consultant.  I have seen some major
errors by "less seasoned" blast engineering efforts.  Consider attending the
SAVIAC symposium  If you do want
to hire a consultant, let me know.  I could give you a list of names.

You can start by contacting Dr. Sam Kiger at the Civil Engineering
Department of the University of Missouri - Columbia.

Harold O. Sprague

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> Hi,
>   I am designing a steel structure mounted on a ship. This may be
> subjected 
> to, amongst other loads, blast loading. I do have a rough idea how to go 
> about it. However, since I am doing it for the first time, I want make
> sure 
> I am doing it right. Can any one give me brief design steps and some 
> inportant conepts regarding blast loading, analysis & design.
> Cheers,
> Dileep Kulkarni

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