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RE: IBC "Oops" (Was Residential Design Discussion)

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> Subject: RE: IBC "Oops" (Was Residential Design Discussion)
> While we may praise Bob Bachman or Ron Hamburger for their work on the
> Seismology committee related to steel, masonry and concrete - I would
> not disagree with you. However, there are many engineers who have worked
> on the wood sub-committee who disagree with the Seismology Committee and
> whose recommendations where simply dismissed by the seismology
> committee.

Well, as an observation: It does look like I read Dennis right in his
previous posts.

If I, who am not at all familiar with the issues Dennis raises with regard
to engineering of light-frame wood structures in high-seismic areas, am
nevertheless able to figure out what he's talking about, I have to wonder
why it was not apparent to others as well.

No offense intended, please.

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