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Re: Want some OT ???

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"So who is Lau, and how does he do it?"

OK, I'll take a stab.  His hourly rate is
$77261/(52wk(40hr))=$37.14/hr.  Assume that all of his
OT is double time $74.29/hr. $190,647 in overtime
means 2566 hrs of OT/year or 49.4hr of OT/week (all
year).  89hrs/week total, Hmmmmm, about 13hrs/day 7
days a week 52wk/yr. "boss describes him as extremely
Shy and busy, working for the govmnt sure must be
great :)

--- "Gerard Madden, PE" <gmadden(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> I thought this was funny. from San Francisco
> Chronicle. For the entire
> article :
> MORE THERE THERE: Oakland firefighters may bring in
> some big overtime --
> but it's nothing compared with planning bureaucrat
> Kenny Lau, who pulled
> down an astonishing $276,549 in salary, OT and other
> pay last year,
> according to city records. 
> Included in the breakdown: $77,261 in salary -- and
> $190,647 in
> overtime. 
> Lau's take-home was even more than the $253,495 paid
> to City Manager
> Robert Bobb. 
> And more than double the $126,600 paid to Mayor
> Jerry Brown. 
> So who is Lau, and how does he do it? 
> "That's a good question," says his boss, William
> Claggett, the
> $173,627-a-year director of Oakland's Economic and
> Community Development
> Agency. 
> Lau is one of a half-dozen plan checkers assigned to
> review residential
> and office building plans. 
> And a very popular one at that with developers,
> whose fees for
> expediting reviews more than cover Lau's overtime. 
> "They specifically request Kenny Lau because he's
> extremely thorough,
> very knowledgeable and goes much faster than other
> people," Claggett
> said. 
> "Our feeling is, if they're willing to pay and he's
> willing to do it,
> then why not?" 
> When we pointed out that Lau would have to be
> working virtually around
> the clock to earn that kind of money, Claggett
> scratched his head. 
> "I'll have to get back to you on that," he said. 
> By the way, Lau did not return our calls seeking
> comment. But then, his
> boss describes him as extremely shy. 
> I wonder what Mr. Lau thinks of Rho ? :>)
> -gerard
> Santa Clara, CA

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