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RE: IBC "Oops" (Was Residential Design Discussion)

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And the "<=1.0" shouldn't apply to mass walls (i.e., tilt-up concrete walls
and masonry walls)?

If that's where ASCE 7-02 (and others) stopped, then they're not done.


Bill Allen, S.E. (CA #2607)

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||One of Dennis Wish's core complaints in regard to this issue
||is the penalty
||that the rho factor inflicts on short walls. This problem HAS been
||addressed and is in the process of resolution. The Draft copy
||of ASCE 7-02
||defines rho for walls essentially the same as in UBC 97, but
||then adds:
||"... where the ratio 10/lw need not be taken greater than 1.0
||for buildings
||of light frame construction." Once ASCE 7-02 is formally
||approved, it will
||be incorporated into the IBC.


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