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TJ BEAM vs E-Z Calc

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Which corporation is 100% beef? The race is on. Or am I so arrogant to think someone might care?

I have reviewed the E-Z Calc as was recommended from the TJ-Beam program discussion. At least the E-Z calc is easy to use and makes no misleading claim to include all load combinations for wind or seismic. Because of "E-Z Calc" as an example to represent the corporation, the "Engineered Wood Products manufactured by Willamette Industries Inc." might just be a better supported product to be working with and recommending.

I would use either program that successfully included all load combinations for wind, snow and seismic. That would be the product to specify. I can charge more engineering fees to review an equivalent product whose support program did not include all of the loads types that I might need.

For now, I am using Pframe. I have all of the possible load combinations. How can I get a manufacture?s electronic list of sections and material properties for my own program?

In general, for most programs. A program disclaimer is not defendable if the program code is not accessible to the user and is not allowed to be modified by the user. A designer?s use of a program, without the knowledge of misleading results (not promptly published by programming company), could be the cause of damages.

David Merrick, SE