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RE: Stainless studs on Carbon Steel

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You can weld these together, but the carbon steel will contaminate and cause corrosion of the stainless. I would use carbon steel studs. Galvanized or painted, you will still have to patch up the coatings messed up by the welding process. I'd be inclined to just paint everything with whatever system was used for the parent steel.
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Subject: Stainless studs on Carbon Steel

A question was raised in our office regarding a retrofit of some just-erected steel members (A992—just plain steel).  These members are part of an industrial framework carrying some large equipment.  They are painted.


We want to bolt some new members to this framework using threaded welding studs.  They will be exposed to the weather.  The debate is whether we should use carbon steel or stainless steel for the studs.  So, a few questions:


1.  Is it feasible to weld stainless studs to carbon steel?


2.  Will we cause corrosion in the carbon steel (basically at the weld) by welding the stainless to it?


3.  Would we perhaps be better off using galvanized studs, applying a cold-spray product around the weld?


Thanks for any help.


Mike Hemstad


Saint Paul, Minnesota