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RE: Stainless studs on Carbon Steel

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>1. Is it feasible ...?

Welding together of different metals, such as of Grade 304 to Grade 430 or a
stainless steel to a mild steel, can be carried out, although some extra
precautions need to be taken. It is usually recommended that over-alloyed
austenitic welding rods, such as Grade 309, be used to minimize dilution
effects on the stainless steel component. The composition of the weld
deposit resulting from dissimilar grade welding is shown in the Schaeffler
diagram or its successors by De Long and more recently the WRC. AS 1554.6
contains a table giving the pre-qualified consumables for each combination
of dissimilar metal welds.

>2.  Will we cause corrosion in the carbon steel (basically at the weld) by
welding the stainless to it?

The galvanic action of the dissimilar metals along with the formation of
chromium carbide will accelerate the corrosion.

>3. Would we perhaps be better off using galvanized studs, applying a
cold-spray product around the weld?

I agree with Engineer Lutz comments. Use carbon steel studs painted or
galvanized. less problem with cracking and corrosion. In addition a new pqr
is not required.

Richard M. Beldyk, PE, CPEng, NSPE, CWEng, CPE

Professional Engineer - Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma,
Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia
Chartered Professional Engineer - MIEAust, NPER
Registered Member - International Registry of Professional Engineers
AWS Certified Welding Engineer
AFE Certified Plant Engineer

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