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RE: IBC "Oops" (Was Residential Design Discussion)

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Good luck.  I guess our little isolated group of TS-13 has a little more
autonomy.  No one else understands what we do anyway.

Harold O. Sprague

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> Subject:	RE: IBC "Oops" (Was Residential Design Discussion)
> Harold,
> I'm on the TS-7 committee and have been stonewalled by Phil Line of
> AF&PA. This is the committee involved in prescriptive or conventional
> construction - not the full-compliance or engineered design. Phil is, in
> my opinion, arogant and not willing to consider the alternatives that
> widen the gap between engineered design and non-engineered prescriptive
> methods. It has been a waste of my time.
> I'll consider the TS-1 committee if they have room.
> Thanks
> Dennis
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> Subject: RE: IBC "Oops" (Was Residential Design Discussion)
> Dennis,
> My first response bounced back.  I will try it again.
> Your frustrations are real.  I had the same frustrations in regard to
> nonbuilding structures.  The problem (and opportunity) is that the code
> development process has changed significantly.  And I think it is for
> the better.  The people that are at the leading edge of the seismic code
> development sit on the BSSC Provisions Update Committee and on TS 1 -
> Wood Structures.  I would suggest sharing your concerns with members of
> that committee.  We are into the 2003 cycle currently.  It would be a
> very opportune time to express your concerns.  
> Members of TS 7 include building code officials, college professors,
> APA, American Forest and Paper Assn., the Engineered Wood Assn., NAHB
> Research Center, and several others.  Look on page 356 of the 2000 NEHRP
> for a specific listing.  
> These are the individuals that can develop a specific proposal to effect
> the change that you desire.  This is kind of a flow chart
> 	TS 7 initiates and develops proposals and presents them to the
> PUC.
> 	The PUC initiates very few proposals.  But the PUC must pass all
> proposals
>  		that are then presented to the full BSSC.
> 	After the full BSSC votes on the proposals, NEHRP happens.  
> 	The NEHRP is the starting point for the ASCE 7 Seismic
> Subcommittee.
> I hope that this helps you effect the change that is of concern.
> By the way, I have designed in wood.  I have also designed residential,
> "stick" construction.  
> Since I don't do it often, I am not very efficient.
> Regards,
> Harold O. Sprague

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