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RE: perforated gypsum shearwall

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Years ago, I was serving on the City of Tucson Building Code review 
committee when a member of the committee (either an architect or engineer) 
questioned why it is necessary to have a wallboard called inspection before 
the joints are taped and mudded.  A contractor member of the committee 
answered that the drywall installers are paid piecework and if there was no 
inspection before the joints are covered up, you would end up with one nail 
in each corner.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Samir Ghosn wrote:

. > I have yet to see any body follow the nailing schedule on gypsum shear
. > wall.  Generally, the drywall sub-contractor would put the drywall and if
. > you think the guy is reading structural plans, dream on.  During my
. > forensic tenure, I hardly ever encounterd any gypboard shear wall to have
. > the proper nailing or even the proper nail size and spacing.

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