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RE: IBC 2000

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Title: RE: IBC 2000
As another outsider looking in: I agree on the 97 UBC - why not just use "The Code of Hammurabi" or something similar.  However the NFPA5000 vs. IBC question is not a political thing, it is just pure American frenzied greedy bookselling  capitalism.  IAPMO allied with NFPA but they joined to sell books not promote unions.  IAPMO just happens to have lots of union people involved so of course they are going to try to hook up  politicians who can help them sell their books.  It is not a giant liberal conspiracy, quit taking Michael Savage to heart.
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Subject: RE: IBC 2000

Viewing the past 200(+/-) posts from the perspective of a foreigner (i.e., in Texas), I don't quite understand why so many of you in California continue to agonize over UBC-97 and blast away at IBC-2000(+).  The former is dead, and will never be updated.  Let's bury it and move on.  The latter is of great interest to those of us who live and work where it is being adopted, but that apparently doesn't include California.

It is my understanding that California is about to adopt NFPA-5000.  I have been told that NFPA requires union construction labor, whereas IBC allows open-shop labor.  Y'all made the mistake of electing a liberal Democrat for your governor, and many more for your legislature.  They are funded by and listen to the labor unions, not the professional societies.

I have also been told that NFPA places much more responsibility on design engineers with respect to jobsite safety.  I'm sure that you and your insurers are all looking forward to that!

Of course, I could be wrong about some of the above ... it has happened before.


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