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Re: Helical Stairs

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Since you are involved in designing of a stair without ccenter column i.e. columnless stair, there are several ppapers published in the journals
with charts and design aids. One paper is published in the AISC Engineering Journal. If the stair is located in the seismic region, you should look at two papers published in the ASCE Structural Journal (mid eighty) Papers were authored by Greek Professors.  Again these papers have design guide. If you know German, please look for Beton Kalender 1980. There is a whole section on Stairs.

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Thanks for your replies to my helical stair question.  The stairs are in an atrium type area open to the second floor ceiling with a 22 ft. plate height.  So there is no way to install a column at the center radius point to cantilever the stairs from; without it looking like a firehouse pole.  The stairs have a 4 ft. and 7 ft. inside and outside radius respectively.  I was told that this doesn't meet the UBC provisions for alternative stairs - I'll tell the architect.  Anyway, I saw a program last night on the construction of cruise ships and they had a similar type stairs that they fabricated from steel plate welded into a helical box girder.

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