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RE: Eccentrically Loaded Baseplates

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Title: RE: Eccentrically Loaded Baseplates

When you mention "reference", I assume you're looking for an article that will guide you through the design process.  Another option, if this is something you're going to need to do more than once and you don't mind spending some $$$, is to take a look at RISABase.  It handles this situation very well, using a finite element approach.

-- Joel

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Subject: Eccentrically Loaded Baseplates

Anybody know of a good reference for estimating anchor bolt loads on column
base plates with bending in two directions?

I am evaluating some existing pipe rack frame connections where this is an
issue. The base plates are 18 inches square by 7/8", the column is
HSS8x8x.25, and the plate is anchored to a thick concrete slab with 8 each 1
inch diameter Hilti HY-150 anchors in 4 ksi concrete, 8.25 inch embedment.
The rack is subject to seismic loads and we intend to modify it to support
an additional 30 inch pipe. The frame can handle the loads just fine, but I
am concerned about the connection.

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