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Re: 3 columns, 1 footing

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Hi John:
I have made the procedure that you describe, I think is ok. Just try to put a t (thickness) enough big so the footing's behavior be like a rigid element, otherwise you should consider use FEM. But, I suppose, the columns load are not big so I think is not neccesary get into a FEM analysis for this.
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From: John Nader
Sent: Domingo, 06 de Octubre de 2002 01:40 p.m.
Subject: 3 columns, 1 footing

 I have a situation where three columns fall at 2 expansion joints that share one footing.  Will this approch be correct to analays the footing.  The 3 columns look like an L.  The columns do not have equal loads. They are about 2' apart from each other.
1.  Find the center of gravity between the columns.
2.  Take the load from each column get the moment, P X the distance to the center   of  gravity.
3.  Add the moments and the Loads, and find e.
4.  Calulate the footing with total P, total M and e.
Thanks in advance for your input.

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