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Building Codes on-line

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Ref: Codes on line.

In my opinion, all codes of practice, once finalised
and adopted, should be freely posted on the web.

People who publish codes may initially resist this
idea as it cuts into the income which they receive
from the sale of printed versions. 

But their resistance will be shortlived.

Technological advancement cannot be compromised to
protect the commercial interests of any group.

In any case, in my opinion, people who need the code 
and use it daily, will not avoid buying the printed
version just because it is available on the web.

Presently, people freely photocopy extracts and keep
them for reference. This can't be prevented. It can
only be declared illegal. But that will make it more
enjoyable. Forbidden fruit is sweeter.

Having the codes  in pdf format on the web for free
download will be a boon to casual users and enable
them to decide if it is worth having a printed version

It will also be an environment-friendly decision as
much paper is saved. The entire document must be split
into several files so that downloading can be done
selectively. Most will not feel the need to download
the document in its entirety.

The poeple who host the site, may perhaps be permitted
to ask the user to register and use his address for
limited advertising purposes(not spamming), if they
wish to recover their costs and to give them an

I have downloaded considerable material from the web
and stored them on my hard disk and I browse through
them occasionally. I did not find the need for a
printed version cluttering my desk and book shelf.

The AISC specs are already available on the web.
That has not prevented me from having a printed copy
too. (This is included in the manuals published by

The telephone directories, tax laws, copies of the
constitution, bye-laws and many other documents which
need revision frequently also qualify for free posting
on the web.

I buy only  one newspaper (printed version) but read
three more on-line versions, (when time permits).

I enjoy browsing the CD rom of Microsoft Encarta on my
lap top during leisure moments. I would love to own
Encyclopaedia Brittannica (the printed multivolume
version) but the its cost and space constraints and
limited need for it precludes any decision to go for
it.In any case , is unbeatable. No printed
encyclopaedias are needed now.

I log in to to look up a word. But I
also have three fat dictionaries at home.

If any one resists technological innovations, they
will be dragged kicking and screaming into the modern
internet/computer/software era. Better yield with

G Vishwanath

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