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Wind loads in New Jersey

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I will be obliged to list members for the following

1)For a normal commercial building (A fitness club),
located at New Jersey, what would the wind load be (in
pounds per sq foot), for analysis and design of the
building frame? 

The building is a single aisle steel portal frame,
with aisle width of 75 feet, and the frames spaced
longitudinally at an average of 40 feet. The roof is
almost flat, the slope is only about 2.2 degrees.

Most of the floor loads are at ground level but there
is a mezzanine floor for part of the building length
with a clearly specified floor load of 100 psf.

I am located here in India and I have  the following

1) ASCE - 7 -98 
2) AISC Manual of steel construction (ASD) Ninth
3) AISC Manual of steel construction(LRFD) Third
4) Some excerpts from BOCA 1999 code in pdf format
   (pages 170 to 185, dealing with Rain load, snow
load and wind load etc)

Am I equipped with whatever I need ?
Am I missing some essential document?

The wind load provisions in these documents are quite
detailed and elaborate and I would like to check the
figure I arrive at with some ball part figures that
experienced list members can suggest to me.

Design  for wind loads is comparatively simpler in

Thanks in advance for any help.
G Vishwanath

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