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RE: old wind speeds vs. new vs. weather station's

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The articles I have read suggest that the 3 second gust is the same as reported by weatherstations and some indicate that the 3-second gust wind maps came from the data from weatherstations (National Weather Service not TV).  SEI or someone else had a good article on the conversions from 50yr winds to 3 sec gusts... don't have it in front of me currently... this article also gave some background into the history of the different wind speeds...
Greg Effland, P.E.
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Subject: old wind speeds vs. new vs. weather station's

I understand that the current wind speeds are the 3-second gust speeds and that is why our area here in PA has changed from 70 mph to 90 mph.  What I am curious about is how either of these speeds relate to the speeds reported by the weather folks when they are talking about 90 mph winds.  Would this weatherperson's 90 mph be compared to our old 70 mph or our new 90 mph or neither?  Just curious.
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