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RE: Structural Stainless Steel

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Keep in mind, ASCE 8 covers only cold formed stainless steel. The difference between the Manual for Structural Stainless Steel and ASCE 8 is similar to the difference between the AISC code and AISI code.


Eric green


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Subject: RE: Structural Stainless Steel


The US Standard is the "Specification for the Design of Cold Formed Stainless Steel Structural Members", ASCE 8-90. However, ASCE had discontinued publication of this document in anticipation of publication of a new version, ASCE 8-00. Please note the following information provided by ASCE on 8/29/02 regarding this publication:

"ASCE 8-90 is indeed being superceded by a newer edition, ASCE 8-00. Unfortunately because of the age of the document an electronic version of the text and figures did not exist hence the printing of ASCE 8-00 has been delayed. The document (ASCE 8-00) is currently in its final stages of production and I expect that it will be printed and available by the end of the year....another printing of ASCE 8-90 will be made of a sufficient quantity to fulfill orders until such time as ASCE 8-00 becomes referenced in the model building codes. I expect this printing will take a week or so."

I suggest contacting ASCE Publications to see if ASCE 8-90 or ASCE 8-00 are currently available.

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Subject: Structural Stainless Steel

I have a copy of Design Manual for Structural Stainless Steel by the Nickel Development Institute and the UK Steel Construction Institute.  Is there a similar US standard for design of Structural Stainless Steel?  If not, this looks like the design standard I will use.


Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA