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RE: Building Codes Online?

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Title: RE: Building Codes Online?

AISC seems to have their finger on the pulse better than alot of these other turkeys.  The APA is pretty cool now too.  I also would like to say supplying the shape database with the AISC manual is a very good move and thanks. 

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Subject: RE: Building Codes Online?

>The removal of these provisions created
>revenue for the industry organizations
>such as ACI, AISC, MIA and other groups.
>It increased the cost of practicing engineering
>for many of us - and with the growth of
>independent and small firms caused by
>lay-off's, cut backs and much more
>- caused a hardship to many.

This is not true for AISC. We give you free electronic access to the bulk of
our technical information. Visit the Steel Solutions Center at,
especially the technical answers FAQ and list of free stuff like
specifications and codes here:

Bill Polhemus is exactly correct. There is a bill to be paid for these. But
we only charge what we need to for other related value-added products to
break even overall.


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