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RE: Building Codes Online?

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With all due respect, the majority of the work is done by volunteers and
their work is compiled in electronic format. The face-to-face meeting
while necessesary is extremely abused as much of the information covered
in these meetings could have been done as "grunt" work using electronic
forms of communications the same as we do right here. There are services
in place that are not being utilized and are wasting money. The cost of
code compiliation for International codes, if followed according to past
code development costs will reach a point that most professionals will
never reconcile in their membership dues.
So, what you are saying, if I should be so bold, is that code
development organizations continue to raise prices on membership,
publication and more just to allow code developers (who mostly volunteer
their time) to obtain the perks of a nice hotel room, good food, airline
tickets and other reimbursible expenses rather than biting the bullet
and realizing the necessity to explore and use alternative modern
Who should pay for it - the homebuyer or a precentage of each permit
that is issued - not the design professional whose fees can't keep up
with the additional hours required to comply with complicated code

Dennis S. Wish, PE

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I just have one question for whoever is favor of this proposal. The code
development process is a very expensive endeavor. The cost includes
accommodations for the people involved, the meetings and the expenses
associated with the coordination that has to happen to put the whole
thing together. Who is going to pay for this if the code is given away
for free?

Ben Yousefi, SE
san Jose, CA


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