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RE: Building Codes Online?

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This is not necessarily true.  Yes, the majority of the technical
information is produced by volunteers, but that is NOT necessarily the
majority of the work necessary to get the code into a format that you and
I can effectively use.  See the message that I just posted before I got
this message.

I would also offer that _MANY_ (I know this is true of ACI 318) of the
code committees do MOST of their work outside of the face-to-face
meetings.  I will again suggest that you don't let your
experience/knowledge of the SEAOC Seismology process completely dictate
what you believe as to how code committee's operate (and I don't really
know at all how SEAOC Seismology operates).  To use what I am familar with
as an example, ACI 318 meets two, maybe three, times a year.  If you have
seen the list of changes that were made in the '02 cycle, then you should
be able to easily see that there is no way that they could make that many
significant changes with only two face-to-face meetings a year without
doing some work in between meetings (a rather significant amount of work,
I might add).

And one slight correction to Ben's comment...not all code development
volunteers have their expenses paid by the organizations.  ACI does _NOT_
pay for ANY travel expenses for members of ACI 318 or 530 (masonry code).
I don't believe that ASCE does for ASCE 7.  I believe that AISC does
provide some help to some members, but then again they have some sources
of revenue that others don't have.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Mon, 7 Oct 2002, Structuralist wrote:

> Ben,
> With all due respect, the majority of the work is done by volunteers and
> their work is compiled in electronic format. The face-to-face meeting

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