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Use Group F, Section 306 BOCA v. IBC

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BOCA 96 specifically lists "water pumping plants"  in the list of F-2
Low-Hazard Occupancies.
IBC 2000 has dropped them from the list of F-2 occupancies.
Does anyone on the list have any insight as to why?
Was there an intent to move them up to F-1 Moderate-Hazard?
IBC says their lists 'shall include but not be limited to' so it may be ok
to still categorize them as F-2.
For a water booster station I could call it F-2 under "Beverages
(nonalcoholic)" but for a sewage lift station I'm going to come up with
another rationale so I won't be asked to drink from the force main.

Jan Harris, PE
Liberty Engineering, PC
Virginia Beach, VA

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