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RE: Building Codes Online?

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You have a way of confusing me at times. I think we are both in
agreement on these issues, but I am not quite sure. 
APA, even more than AISC, has made publication available to the
professional community for a nominal fee or free for download. If
anything, you are an example of what I am suggesting from other
organizations and code writers. While APA does not write the wood code,
you contribute important technical documents, but your (APA) fees are
not inflated. It is observable that APA is only charging for printing or
mailing and has taken efforts to allow free downloads. TO AN EXTENT!!!!
Research Report 158 - Shear walls under Cyclic (Reversed) Loading $3.00
Research Report 157 - Shear Walls with gypsum Wallboard $3.00

Okay, I'm nit-picking. These documents are certainly worth the price
plus shipping, but my question is that as important as these documents
are to the structural engineering community why are they not PDF files
like the majority of the documents listed - Especially the Cyclic
Loading document which literally made the majority of shearwall design
in California? Surely, the $3.00 each can't cover both the publication
and the cost of development. Now, I've gotten these free by asking, but
why aren't they on APA's list for download?

If I give up nit-picking, I have to admit that APA is the one source
that has more free and important documents for wood design than almost
any other organization and I commend them most honorably.


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APA's philosophy is to absorb publication development cost as a
promotional tool.  The APA members dues are paying for the intellectual
property that is contained in these publications.  If one orders an APA
publication from the website (or from the helpdesk), we include a small
invoice that is attempting to cover printing costs.  Our flagship
publication (Engineered Wood Construction Guide) is approximately 80
color pages.  The list price is $8.00.  We offer the publication, in PDF
form, for free at our website.

My point is that the significant cost of building codes, standards et
cetera is not necessarily the cost of the paper.  E-versions are not
going to significantly reduce the cost of <<insert code, standard,
document here>>.


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