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Re: Building Codes Online?

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I don't know whether the fastening of wood members using a hammer and nails
was figured out by a committee or by a very clever individual.  But it's a
technology that we have all benefited from enormously -- probably far more
than the compensation received by the inventor.  He [or they] probably got
recognition for the good idea and the satisfaction of having contributed,
and of seeing the good idea used by others.  But he probably had to buy or
make a new hammer when he needed one.

Now, the carpenter pays for the hammer and the owner pays for the nails.
The owner pays the carpenter for knowing how to use his hammer to drive his
nails into his building.

I've contributed my bit to Code development -- mostly, but not all, without
compensation, but with ample satisfaction.  Like the carpenter, I buy the
tools I need to do my job.  I buy the latest edition of the Codes I need
without thinking that I have the right to a cost reduction if the page I
worked on is still in the new edition.  It's what I need to do my job --
I'll buy it because I can't do a good job without it.  I'll get paid by the
client for knowing how to use it.

If I can get information I need free, I'll take it with gratitude.  If the
information is expensive, I may decide not to get the latest edition till I
know I need it [D1.1 for example].  I won't begrudge the information
provider the right to charge me for what I need to do my job.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA

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