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RE: Was [Charlie Carters response to Building Codes Online?] Now: Chicago Food Specialties near AISC offices

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Sorry, I'm from the Larry Bird days with the Bull's and am not actually
a sports fan. I quit when Ernie Banks retired from the Cubs and tickets
were still $0.50 or $0.75 for us bleacher bums. I really enjoyed
baseball in Chicago when I was a kid. The local park district took us to
Cub's Park (Comiskey Park - White Sox's was too dangerous since it was
around 36th street). We went by bus, the fumes were enough to choke us
and Cub's park was really a dirty place to go. But when the game
started, the magic began and the park came to a life of its own. People
crowded the roof-tops across from the park or those who were fortunate
enough to have an apartment above the bars sat back on easy chairs to
watch the game for free. The bars, charged an additional fee for those
who came to drink and watch the game. Hot dogs were terrible, but the
best in the world when combined with a baseball game. At the time, you
could buy a bag of hot peanuts in the shell, Cub's flags and other
memorabilia and of course a program where you could score each player. I
used to think the outfield was the smallest until my wife brought me
home a Cub's Program from 1950. I compared players and field size. She
found it at a garage sale and got it for free. Although this was the
year I was born, I was not familiar with the players or managers (or
team owners) at the time - still, it was a great booklet to review.
Don't misunderstand - I found my home in the desert, but nothing can
change my childhood or later years when I discovered the foods that
Chicago is known for. You have to try it before criticizing it.

On a last note - my father worked for the family business on 22nd and
Halstead (just west of Halsted). Before the Kennedy Expressway was
finished, he had to take the Outter Drive (Lake Shore Drive) home. There
were hot dog vendors pushing carts on the last exist of the Outter Drive
at Foster Street. He used to stop and pick up Hot Dogs and Fries and
bring them home for dinner. Many of these vendors became Big Herms,
Poochies, Flukies and other very famous Chicago Dog resturants. You
can't erase these memories and the snap and taste of these dogs will
never be forgotten - nor will the special days that dad brought home Hot
Dogs in a paper sack back around 1953 or later when we moved to Skokie
in 1954. They were special times for me and if I can share a little bit
of fond memories of Chicago with many of you, it's my pleasure. 


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How far is the nearest McDonalds from Charlie's office? They've got the
best fries...

What about the place Ferris Buehler went to as Abe Froeman "The Sausage
king of Chicago" (Le Chic)?

And what about a handicapped accessible place for Bill Polhemus with the
local Rush affiliate playing over PA system?

The greatest thing about Chicago was when the 49ers kicked DA BEARS ass
in the "BEAR WEATHER" in the late 80's playoff game. :>)

Santa Clara, CA

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