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RE: W14x22 Moment of Inertia

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>Might also want to look at the "Z" values also.
>LRFD 3rd Ed. lists I=199 in4 for W14x22 in the
>properties section, however; in the beam selection
>tables, I=197 in4 for W14x22.  Which is the correct

The values in the front (Part 1) are correct. thank you for bringing the
inconsistency to my attention. I hate it when things like this slip past me
-- very frustrating.

Would have replied soonere, but I was out of the office yesterday. In the
future, you may be able to get the AISC answer by contacting the AISC
Solutions Center directly (solutions(--nospam--at) or 866/ASK-AISC).

On a related note, I've found that these kinds of errors creep in in some
cases because we who work on the Manual have seen it far too many times in
the process. What leaps off the page to a fresh set of eyes is invisible to
those that have seen it over and over for two years, in some cases. To
mitigate this problem in the future, I've started an AISC "fresh-eyes"
review committee, which will look at near-final drafts of all documents to
ferret out such small but annoying mistakes. If any of you would be
interested in participating on that group, please reply to me privately (
carter(--nospam--at) ).


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