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RE: Slender walls

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The code limits the axial stress in the wall to .06*f'c so if your prestress combined with axial load exceed this to use thes provisions.  The provisions count the axial load effectively as additional steel for determining moment strength and cracked section properties.  The code leaves it up to you to determine the moment from axial load eccentricity and transverse loads but it only gives you the formula for determining deflection at midheight for a uniformly distributed load.  You should use a different formula for deflection if you have point loads or non-uniform loads for jamb strips around wall opengings etc... [5/48*M*L^2]/(E*I) gets you pretty close for other transverse loads and for example it is conservative for a point load at midspan which is [1/12*M*L^2]/(E*I)
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Subject: Slender walls

Hello everybody.
Can someone tell how should we understand the provisions in 14.8 (ACI 318-02) regarding slender walls?
  • what about prestressed slender walls?
  • what about walls loaded with concentrated horizontal loads?
Thanks in advance.

Bogdan Dumitrascu