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design of circular hollow cantilevered vertiacl post-18m high

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Hello all,
I'm a recently graduated structural engineer from Dublin that is well and truely stumped as to locating a code of practice for the design of a C.H.S. cantilevered column.I did locate a guide on lattice towers and masts which consist of circular hollow members butI cannot find anything dealing with just a cantilevered post on its own, i.e. one CHS. The new british wind loading bs 6399 does not deal with members subject to dynamice excitation, thus ruling itself out as a guide in this instance and I have already checked through as much information in the british standards library as possible( without going insane), thus I am now inquiring if of my U.S. counterparts have knowledge of some sort of design guide that could help me.
Kind regards
David Mc Swiney

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