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RE: 4 Story Wood

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Does anyone have a gut feeling for the cost of metal stud walls vs. wood
walls?  It seams to me that the integration of the wood floor / roof system
with steel walls would be an issue.  Is it cost effective to go completely
to steel?  Steel floor joists, steel roof trusses?  What is the lead time on
steel vs. wood?  This is a fairly large project, it will house over 500
students in a single building.  Budget, as always, is a big deal. We have
been told that the final finished cost must be below $75 a square foot.  We
did originally consider steel but quickly dismissed it because none of the
other buildings in this location are done from steel.  This seams to be a
good idea, and I would like to explore it further.

A little more information might be helpful for those still interested:

Building Code: 2000 IBC
Seismic Design Category: C
Brick veneer up to 30' above grade.

And yes there is an architect on board.  We will be providing the structural
engineering, drawings, etc.  The fire issues will largely be left to the
architect and their fire consultant.

Thanks in advance for all your help,

Jake Watson, P.E.
Salt Lake City, UT

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