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ADA (was something about building codes)

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Bill Polhemus wrote:

<<One extreme example is the infernal ADA, which did nothing but increase 
costs for the consumer and end up bankrolling the bloated trial lawyers lobby 
to unbelievable proportions--as if any level of excess is "unbelievable" 
where they are concerned.>>

Scott Maxwell wrote: 

<<Maybe if some such people could truly walk a mile in someone's shoes who is 
forced into the realm of the ADA, they could learn a new perspective in life 
and realize that they used to be an idiot when it came to this subject.  I 
would apologize if my comments offend anyone, but then to a certain degree 
that was their intent.  To me, this is why discussions on this list are 
supposed to stick to the engineering issue...political, religious, and other 
potentially volatile subjects tend to get messy and usually manage to become 
offensive or objectionable to someone.>>

Bill Polhemus also wrote:

<<Scott, it has nothing to do with whether or not we ought to make buildings 
and facilities "wheelchair-accessible." It has everything to do with bloated
bureaucracy and a steadily-increasing role of government in every aspect of 
the life of the individual citizen.>>

<<In short, it is about "doing what is right" becoming MANDATORY under threat 
of fine or imprisonment--and "right" being defined in narrow terms by people
whose real aim in life is to have just such intrusive power over others.>>

To:  Bill Polhemus.

Maybe you should follow Scott's advise to stick to engineering issues before 
you make such utterly clueless comments.  Do you really mean to imply that 
all the progress that has been made in providing rights for the disabled 
would have come about without MANDATORY laws.  Sorry.  

In fact, the ADA is the best thing to come along to help people with 
disabilities have access to the things non-disabled people have, and your 
comment shows complete close-mindedness.  The only bloated bureaucracy comes 
from those who resist the opportunity provided by the ADA laws to make 
facilities more user-friendly to all persons who want to use them.

To:  Scott Maxwell.

No need to apologize.  Your response was well spoken (or written???).

Carl Sramek

(All for the ADA in California)

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