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RE: Bridge Lane Loads

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Title: RE: Bridge Lane Loads

The HS20 lane load is 640 plf plus a single concentrated load of 18k for moment and 26k for shear.  The HS20 truck is three axle loads: 8k on the front axle, followed by two axles of 32k each.  There is a 14' gap between the front axle and the middle axle.  The gap between the middle axle and the rear axle can vary from 14 to 30 feet.

Remember, also, to add impact as applicable and any multiple lane reductions.

Hope that helps.

-- Joel

Joel Adair, PE
Halff Associates, Inc.
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Subject: Bridge Lane Loads

Hi there,

Does anyone know which are the loads values for AASHTO
lane loads (for an HS20 truck in the latest edition)?

Thanks in advance.


Fabricio Rosales

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