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ADA (Let's move onto something else soon)

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bill(--nospam--at) wrote:

<< Sorry, but there is more than one view on this. The FACT is that while there might be some "aid" given to the disabled via ADA, it is MORE than offset by the onerous burden placed on businesses--and we're not talking about just the "big business" that you types love to bash, but SMALL businesses primarily--through outrageous, contradictory and arbitrary regulations.>>
<<This notion that you have to "stick it" to those who "have" so that those who "have not" can get a "fair shake" has led to outright tyranny. And pardon me for saying so, but you fired the first salvo. Your statements are nothing short of ignorant themselves.>>


I really didn't think the purpose of the ADA laws was to "stick it" to anyone.  Also, I never was of the opinion that the purpose of ADA was to show compassion, or to "aid" disabled people.  People with disabilities don't need compassion, just the same access to movies, restaurants, stores, and city halls that non-disabled people have.  Once they get in the door, they can take care of themselves.

Carl Sramek
(Still for ADA in California)    


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