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RE: ADA (Let's move onto something else soon)

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> Subject: ADA (Let's move onto something else soon)
> I really didn't think the purpose of the ADA laws was to "stick
> it" to anyone.

Irrelevant. Refer to my reference to "unintended consequences". Most of the
"feel good" laws of the past three-quarters of a century, from Social
Security to the Great Society programs to ADA all have high and mighty
ideals--and all are abject failures that have cost society far more than any
benefits they ever purported to offer.

If only we had that FIVE TRILLION bucks back from Johnson's "Great
Society"--all spent without having one iota of effect on the level of
"poverty" in the U.S.--think what kind of good the PRIVATE SECTOR could have
done with the money.

That anyone still believes any of this rubbish is "helpful" in this day and
time continues to astound me.

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