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RE: ADA (was Re: Building Codes on-line)

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Bill Polhemus wrote:

. > Even none of that is the point. The REAL point is that the Federal
. > government has no authority to tell a business that it has to have 
. > allocated parking, or wheelchair ramps, or appropriate restroom 
. > facilities, etc.

. > And this arrogant wielding of power, whatever "injuries" it might purport 
. > to allay, causes many times more harm in "unintended consequences."

. > I have seen reports that contend that 5% of small businesses aren't IN
. > business any more because of ADA.

And, in the same line of thinking, I suppose that you advocate doing away 
with building codes also?  You would leave it up to the owners to do the 
"right thing" with regard to structural and fire safety?

History has shown that that is blatantly false.  And is the reason that 
building codes have gotten bigger and bigger with each new edition.

I have seen people that may not be considered "disabled" (elderly, with knee 
and hip replacement, and an amputee who was on a minesweeper sunk during the 
Korean Conflict) struggle up stairs at a banquet because the organizer did 
not think that selecting a place with an elevator was necessary.  The 
organizer was looking in a mirror and seeing *his* abilities, not other 
peoples inabilities.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

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