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Re: Steel truss in cantilever

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Regarding the effective length for axial loads along the length of 
the column, I have gone through this exercise several dozen 
times.  The AISC (Design Guide 7) and AISE (TR13) both 
publish tables for stepped columns, i.e., crane columns with a 
top & intermediate load.  The AISC Engineering Journal (Oct 
1972) also published a program to calculate these factors for 
stepped columns.

Also, see "Iron & Steel Engineer Year Book", 1968.  Also, see AISC 
Engineering Journal (Jan 1969), "Some Non-Conventional Cases 
of Column Design" by Suresh Dalal.  This covers symmetrical 
stepped columns, prismatic columns with distributed axial 
laod, prixmatic columns with intermediate axial loads with and 
without end loads.

Finally, there is an article in "Engineering" a British 
publication, by Prof. W.J. Duncan (1952) which shows 
derivation of these formulas.  Also, refer to a paper APM54-
16, "Design of Columns with Varying Cross Sections" by Dr. A. 
Dimick from the old USSR, translated by M. Maletz of Chicago, 
in the transactions of the American Society of Mechanical 

Gary Hodgson, P.Eng
Niagara Falls, ON

On 10 Oct 2002 at 4:48, Javier Encinas wrote:

> The second condition will control the size of the cantilever bottom chord. The question is: What is the appropriate k-value for this compression member? If the load was applied as a concentrated force at the end of the cantilever k would be about 2, but in fact the load linearly increases from 
zero at the end to a maximum value at the support, and therefore k=2 seems conservative. Could anybody please comment on this issue? Regards,
> Javier Encinas
> Encinas & Associates

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