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Structural Design submission and checking

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I would like ta ask the list some questions related to structural design presentation and checking procedures especially when the client is a state or, generally, governmental agency.  
1. Should a structural design submission (either of a building or of a bridge) be accompanied by any documents other than the drawings and the calculations (e.g. material and/or construction specifications etc)?
2. Is there any codified procedure, established practice or published checklist concerning the checking of the structural design documents (calculations, drawings, other)? How can they be accessed or obtained?
3. Are there any standards or guidelines which should be followed when preparing and presenting a structural design in order to be considered as "checkable", especially when calculations are performed thru widely used or specialized software?
4. Is any additional information required (e.g. a descriptive report about the structural modelling, the respective structural idealizations and the analysis/design assumptions, a detailed derivation of the individual load values etc) further to the information provided thru the data echo print and the selective results output (both in text or graphics format)? 
5. How should design drawings be prepared and/or submitted so that can be accessible and usable by the client-agency in the future? Should they follow a specific format or standard? 
Any response would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance,
Stathis Papageorgiou
Athens, Greece