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RE: ADA (was Re: Building Codes on-line)

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>And, in the same line of thinking, I suppose that you advocate doing away 
>with building codes also?
I think you've hit it, Roger. Building codes and engineering laws stifle 
creativity. With the free market at work instead of the socialistic 
boiler code, power plants and refineries would be as interesting to watch 
as, say, the Sultana sinking. While we're at it let make SEC compliance 
voluntary so all those wonderful money machines like World Com and Enron 
can keep stimulating the economy. 

Um... wait...bad example.

Well, how about campaign finance laws--we can make compliance voluntary 
so our politicians have ready-made financing from outfits like ADM and 
Tyco who certainly know better than the electorate what they actually 
need from a law. 

Uh...maybe that's not so good either...

OK, booze--that's a good area for voluntary compliance. Surely people who 
have been drinking all their lives know more about their ability to drive 
after a couple of beers (that's all they usually have, anyway)than some 
damn nosy parker cop. And while we're at it make all traffic laws 
voluntary--government has no business standing in the way of type A 
nutcakes who like to drive faster than everyone else. 

OK..that one needs work, too...

Anyway, here's the general principle--anything that might be inconvenient 
gets made voluntary so any schlockmeister who craves a fast buck won't 
have to worry about being held accountable when his rotten judgement 
kills someone.

(Damn--and I was going to stay out of this thread as a demonstration of 
the spiritual value of ignoring crazy talk. Maybe next time.)

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