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Enough already

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I cannot help being amazed how a knowlegeable and professional person (Mr. Polhemus) manages to repetitively insult his peers just by the outrageously arrogant and intolerant FORM of _expression_ of his (generally, acceptable to many) ideas.
It also appears that Mr. Polhemus considers his day wasted without having the last word.  This schoolyard habit is quite unbecoming for a (presumably) mature person in a professional environment.  Most of the list participants are likely to either simply brush this childish bullying aside, or to treat whatever comes from Mr. Polhemus (unfortunately, including any positive ideas there are) as another scandalous tabloid-like nonsense. 
Let's act as if the List was our office (that's what it really is), and as if its participants were our co-workers (that's what they really are, irrespectively of their religious or political affiliations). 
In any office, SOME water-cooler off-talk is perfectly normal and even helpful.  However, any bullying of the co-workers into/with any political views is unacceptable, and has to be stopped. 
Enough already.
Steve Gordin, PhD
Registered Structural Engineer
Irvine CA

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