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RE: Open Web Joists/Girders

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Our notes read the same way as yours.  That said, we typically review shop drawings for loading requirements and then never see "stamped" calculations or drawings from Vulcraft.  In my mind Vulcraft should be held to the same standard as everyone else and forced to submit calculations.  That said our office policy and standard of care in SLC is simply to review the shop drawings.  When I have asked others about this issue, people simply responded that there haven't been issues with Vulcraft providing a quality product.  Seems like a poor excuse to me, but you need to pick your battles.
In direct response to your question, we typically review placement drawings for loading criteria.  No P.E. stamp, we stamp placement drawings with a shop drawing stamp.  That is all we ever get and we have never pushed for anything more from a supplier.
Jake Watson, P.E.
Salt Lake City, UT
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Subject: Open Web Joists/Girders

I have a project with several buildings that utilize open web joists and girders and one of the joist/girder suppliers who is bidding the work is having a lot of heartburn with one of our notes that requires the joist/girder supplier to submit stamped shop drawings and calculations.  Our drawings have very detailed notes providing all the loading required for design.  These include DL, LL, Adloads, sprinklers, Em, and roof mounted equipment weights in addition to member spans and spacing.  We have shown typical joist sizes on the drawings but our intention is that these sizes are only indicative depths for other disciplines to plan their work.  I told the joist/girder supplier he could consider our sizes as minimums if this made him feel more comfortable and size up if their calculations so dictate.

This very well known joist/girder supplier said they do not do roof design, do not provide detailed shop drawings, and do not stamp drawings.  I told this person that he is not designing the roof, only the joist/girders for the loadings I have specified.  I also said I did not necessarily need DETAILED shop drawings of every joist/girder but could live with the placement drawings including typical installations details and a set of calculations that was some how tied in to the placement drawing joist/girder numbering scheme.  He still balked at this and said he would not bid.

What are others experiencing with getting stamped drawings and calculations from joist/girder suppliers?

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
ABS Consulting