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[Fwd: Filling a pile with reinforced concrete]

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        If you do have excessive moments introduced by filling one pile and not
the other the cause would be differential settlement of one pile relative to
the other caused by the filling process.  There would be two parts to the
settlement: Poisson effects due to the increased hoop stress in the pile (which
I would expect to be insignificant but you might want to check it out); and
settlement of the pile due to increased dead load (which is geotechnical in
nature and, I think, much more likely to be significant than the Poisson

        The magnitude of the created moment (expressed as a fixed end moment
for the beam) caused by deflection, delta, would be

                F.E.M. = 6*E*I*delta / (L^2)

which could be reduced by moment distribution.  This could easily be
compensated for (if it appears to be a problem) by filling both piles together
so that there is no differential settlement.

        If significant settlement of the piles actually actually occurs you may
have a much more important problem of a geotechnical nature with the actual
capacity of the foundation itself.  I think you should consider this
possibility and deal with it appropriately if it seems to be significant.

        Hope this is helpful.


H. Daryl Richardson

kamal aghbal wrote:

> Hello Everybody,
> The project is about filling with reinforced concrete a piles of a Wharf in
> order to repair them. They are very damaged. The initia cross section of
> piles are like rings with a thickness of 24 cm, and a diameter of 2,50 m.
> The question is : we have a a frame of two piles attached by a girder.
> Is is possible to fill inside a pile with concrete, when the other (of the
> same frame) is empty, will this involve additionnal moments ?
> Thank you in advance,
> Kamal aghbal
> SE,
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