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Re: legal install software at home & work?

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As someone else has pointed out, it will depend on the software license
for that particular piece of software.  As pointed out, there are two
basic ways the license will go...1) only install it on one computer
period, but you still have the right to make of backup copy of the
software regardless of what the license says about copying the software;
or 2) you can install it on multiple computers as long as it is only being
used on the number of computers at any one time that you have licenses for
(i.e. one license...can being used on one computer at any one time).  Some
of this becomes moot regardless of the license (in my opinion at least) if
the software has a copy protection device such as RamSteel.  If the
license is along the lines of item no. 2, then it is assumed that you or
your company will proactively monitor this and buy more licenses if
necessary or possibly get caught by someone reporting your violation of
the license.

You SHOULD NOT, however, need to contact the software company.  You should
only have to sit down with a really good caffeinated beverage and read the
EULA (end user license agreement or more simply know as the license) -
reading the EULA with out that caffeinated beverage will leave you
succeptible to unexpected dozing due to being forced to read
"legal-speak".  The software company is essentially require to provide it
with the software otherwise you would have the right to do with the
software what you wanted.  If it happens that you threw out the EULA is
you rush and zeal to install and play with your new software, then the
software company likely will have it available on their webpage OR you
will need to contact them.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Tue, 15 Oct 2002, Haan Scott M DPW CIVIL ENGR(n) wrote:

> If you buy some design software and you have a home office and a work
> office, is it legal to install the software on your personal computer at
> both locations if only you are going to use it?
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