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Re: Change of occupancy - BOCA

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It would seem that the change of occupany that you describe (from
apartment to condos) would not change the "use group" per the 1996 BOCA.
It would appear that both would be in the R-2 use group.  I would suggest
that you confirm this with the project's architect or take a look at
chapter 3 yourself to confirm.

If the use group does not change, then assuming that there are not
additions or changes of the use of a specfic room or rooms that would
require a different live load or more dead load, there would likely be no
need for any thing done structurally.  You need to take a look at section
1614 for dealing with existing buildings (except for seismic related
stuff...then look at 1610.1.1 and 1610.1.2).  Specifically, look at
section states:

"Any existing structure heretofore approved, in which there is not a
change of occupancy to an occupancy requiring greater floor live loads, is
permitted to be continued in use for the originally approved live loads,
provided that the structure is structurally safe and adequate for the
proposed occupancy, and the public safety is not endangered thereby.  If
the approved live load is less than required by Secttion 1606.0, the areas
designed for the reduced live load shall be posted with the approved load.
Placards shall be of an approved design."

As far as the other stuff goes, for that I suggest that you talk with the
architect (that is usually their "bag").


Ypsilanti, MI

On Tue, 15 Oct 2002, jccpc wrote:

> Does anyone on this list have any idea if a change in use from apartment to condominium requires a new certificate of occupancy, fire egress alterations, code upgrades, etc.? The 5-story building in question is already rented as a multi-family, but does not meet current codes. The prevailing code is BOCA.
> For interest, there are absolutely no ADA provisions which have been met as well...
> Thanks in advance!
> James Cohen, PE
> James Cohen Consulting, PC
> Pennington, NJ

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