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RE: Unbonded Seismic Bracing

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Yes, we did a  retrofit on a two story steel braces building damaged by the Nisqually Earthquake in Seattle. We inserted calibrated friction dampers calibrated for each individual brace.There is a firm in Tacoma WA who did the design.(there is nothing in the building codes that would give you  guidance on how to do it).
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Subject: Unbonded Seismic Bracing

I am reading articles about "unbonded seismic bracing" developed by a Japanese researcher, followed up by a New Zealand engineer, and subsequently used for an upgrade to the Psychology & Geography block at the University of Christchurch.  I understand that it has recently been accepted in the US as an acceptable bracing system.  It is essentially a "friction" type bracing (?).  I haven't finished my review of the detail, but it may be a rival to current friction dampers.
Does anyone have on-site experience with this type of bracing?

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